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Our main product ranges are listed below. To download a data sheet please select an image.

Direct Reading Tank Contents Gauges

DR 1All Bayham float operated contents gauges have magnetically coupled mechanisms that ensure no fluid path through the gauge body. Gauges for both static and mobile tanks including gauges for aircraft refuellers and locomotives.



Contents Gauges for Aircraft Refuellers and other Mobile Tankers 

Aircraft 1Tank mounted direct reading contents gauges designed specifically for refueller applications and similar mobile services.



Contents Gauges with Integral Switches

Baydee 1MD 1Gauges with up to 5 micro switches can be supplied for high or low level alarms and pump start / stop control. Standard applications include diesel oil bulk storage and day tanks, transformer oil level indication and level alarms, water storage tanks. Type Baydee (BD) for large tanks, type Minidee (MD) for small tanks.


Remote Reading Gauges

RR 1Gauges fitted with potentiometers or loop powered transmitters for remote reading or monitoring. Calibrated panel mounting indicators are available plus a range of level alarm, pump control and audible/visual alarm control modules.



Contents Gauges for Liquefied C02 Storage Vessels

CO2 1We manufacture a comprehensive range of high pressure gauges for direct reading, remote   reading and with integral alarm switches. The magnetic coupling through the gauge flange allows the removal or modification of the front end of the gauge whilst the vessel is still in service.



Contents Gauges for LPG and other Pressurised Storage Tanks

LPG 1We also manufacture a range of high pressure gauges for LPG and other pressurised chemical storage tanks. Direct reading and remote reading gauges are available with optional integral alarm switches. The magnetic coupling through the gauge flange allows the removal or modification of the front end of the gauge whilst the vessel is still in service.


Liquid Level Transmitters

Transend 1The Transend level measurement system comprises 2 main elements, a high accuracy pressure transmitter and a control unit. The pressure transmitter can be top mounted or side mounted. Control units are available with or without an integral dial indicator plus 2 adjustable level alarm relays and voltage and current signal retransmission.


Capacitance Level Probes

Transgauge 1Top mounted capacitance type level transmitters with voltage and current signal outputs plus optional integral level alarm relays.



Contents Gauges for NH3 Tanks

NH3 1Mechanically Polished Stainless Steel Wetted Parts for High Purity Applications
Remote Reading and Integral Level Switch Options



Series 2000 Float Operated Liquid Level Switches

2000Top and side mounted level switches for a variety of industrial applications including differential pump control operation and sump level detection.



Float Operated Gauges for Environmental Extremes

DR90 EEG Image 5Float operated magnetically coupled contents gauges in 316 stainless steel for both static and mobile applications. 



Remote Fuel Oil Measurement and Theft Detection

Guard Plus 1The Bayham Guard Plus has been developed from our range of proven capacitance probes to meet the requirement of providing cost effective protection and monitoring for static electrical generator sets powered by diesel fuel.




Oil Meters and Marine Products

VZEPlease see our Oil Meters page. Click on image to view. 


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